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Easy Idol China - Online Interview (27Mar15)

[Park Shin Hye EasyIdol Online Interview ①]

E: Please say a few words to the fans of EasyIdol! 

PSH: Long time no see, I'm very happy to meet all of you. This fanmeeting starts from Shanghai this time round, hope to have more chances in meeting China fans. Every workpiece has gained everybody's support & love, very thankful for this. In future, I will use even better workpieces to meet everyone, Thank you

E: Do you have any China artiste in mind whom you wish to collaborate? Why?

PSH: Previously at the Hunan TV station's Latern Festival which I've participated, I met Huang Xiaoming, feel that he's very dashing, if there's chance, hope to collaborate. 

E: When you feel tired, what will you do to ease yourself?

PSH: Maybe recently I've been too busy, I don't even have time to even think about these. Sometimes I will "eat" to de-stress.

E: For you, what is the food that you will never get tired of?

PSH: Don't think so, will get sick of it upon eating to a certain extent, maybe beer? Though will get drunk with one glass, but I feel very comfortable and very cooling when drinking, hence liking it very much.

Translation By: @Wintercherub

[Park Shin Hye EasyIdol Online Interview ②] 

E:Vacationing is one of the best way to encounter love, how do you wish to encounter someone you like in such scenario? 

PSH: Vacationing is for a person to go alone, no anticipation that I will meet some romantic men during holidays, vacation is for one to enjoy by him/herself

E: Your singing and dancing are very fantastic, is there any chance to hear you sing during the fanmeeting this rime round?

PSH: This time I've participated in singing the OST of <Pinocchio> hence, I will be singing a few songs to everyone at the fan meeting. 

E:Towards the fans whom have always been supported you, if there's a chance, what would ypu like to do for them? 

PSH: As I'm an actress afterall, guess the best thing to do is to present more outstanding workpieces to show everybody

E: If your ideal man "god" is together with someone else, what will you do?

PSH: Everyone has someone to be matched with, maybe they are compatible, thus being together. If this man belongs to me, he will eventually come back to me one day. If he's not, there's no fate then

E:In acting wise, hope tp have what type of breakthroughs? 

PSH: In <Pinocchio> being a reporter is a specific occupation, this is the 1st time for me to portray a working class role, hope to have chance to challenge another specific occupation in future.

Translation By: @Wintercherub

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