Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Day I Met A Star Named "Park Shin Hye"

I don't know how to start my blog. It's been a while since I last updated it. Well the last time was before Heartstrings starts airing. Today, I decided to check my blog again. At first I was thinking of updating my fanfic but then after reading my previous posts I realized something. I haven't done my fan account when I first saw Shin Hye!!! How could I forget doing that? I think it's not yet too late if I do it now because I can still remember everything (as in every details of it).

Shin Hye is coming to Singapore

Park Shin Hye in Singapore: Salvatore Ferragamo – Spring / Summer 2011 Fashion Show

When I first heard/read that Shin Hye was coming to Singapore to attend the Salvatore Ferragamo event I was so excited. Thinking of the possibilities of me seeing her in person really excites me a lot. But when I learned that it was an exclusive event I suddenly felt sad. Since it is an exclusive event there's a slight chances for me to see her in person. 

Though it’s a bit frustrating I accepted the truth that I won't be able to see her. But when I learned that though it is an exclusive event the venue of show is still accessible for viewing from outsiders, my heart rejoices. This only means I still have the chance to see Shin Hye!!!

Shin Hye's Arrival

I read that Shin Hye was arriving in Singapore on 09 March 2011 (thanks to PSHIFC). For fans who want to meet Shin Hye, they just have to send email to them. I did send an email to them. The admin that answer my email was so nice and accommodating. (She's my friend now) She gave the details to me. It was just too unfortunate that I can't go because I'm working that time.

Meeting Shin Hye 

The event was scheduled on 10 March 2011 at 8pm. There's no reason that I can't go on that day unless… I will be stuck in the office because of work. So, I came up with a good idea. It's like hitting two birds in one stone. I took a leave, my reason; I need to renew my passport. Which is true, I need to renew it for my employment pass. Luckily my boss agreed and so my journey to meet Shin Hye is confirmed.

As I planned, I went to our embassy here in Singapore to renew my passport. I have all the documents that I need including my camera with two fully charged batteries (this is for my second agenda for the day). I'm not sure what time I'll finish so just to make sure I bring it. That day I think I was so blessed because I finished everything by lunch time (which is quite unusual because my friends said that it will take me a whole day to finish it). Since, it was still too early I decided to go home first and have my lunch. I went home and planned to have a few hours of sleep since I wake up to early. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the excitement of meeting Shin Hye. I wasn't able to sleep. In the end at 4pm, I decided to just leave home and start my journey of meeting Shin Hye.

I went straight to Paragon, the venue, to find a good spot during the event. When I reached there, they are already preparing for the event. The covered area for the fashion show was near the Salvatore Ferragamo shop at the ground level near the main entrance. When I saw that it's a covered area, I thought "Oh no! How will I be able to see it? I need to find a way." So, I went to the second level but there's no chance that I will see it there. I went another level higher and saw that it has a good view of the people inside the covered area though it's a bit far.

Credit to PSHIFC
Since the venue is just around Orchard area, I decided to just look around first (not at the venue cause shops there are high end brands and really expensive) while waiting for it to start. But still time passed too slowly. I already go in and out of different shops (bought some) and yet the time was only 6pm. I am not yet hungry but I ended up having dinner just to have something to do. Usually it will only take me maximum 30 minutes eating (if I'm alone) but this time I finished eating for almost an hour. After that I went to the venue again only to see that there are a lot of people already. 

I walk around again to find a good spot. I saw some are already setting up their cameras (high end one). I'm not sure if they are there to cover for the event or if they are fans of Shin Hye (like me) who are waiting for her. I can't find a good one so I decided to just see later where Shin Hye will be sitting. Shin Hye was still not there. I went to the second level, there I found an area where I can see the guests coming from the shops, walking at the red carpet on their way to the fashion show area. I thought it was a good spot so I planned on how I will focus my camera. I stay there for a few minutes but again I got impatient. So, I went to the third level again. I was busy looking at my phone to tweet about the event when suddenly I saw some girls running. I also heard some screams down stairs. I'm not sure what was that but I ended up rushing downstairs too. When I reached there, I saw some fans (I'm sure they are because you can see their smile) and heard that Shin Hye already arrived. They were able to take a photo of her and had it signed.

Credit to PSHIFC
I wasn't able to see her up close but still managed to take some photos of her with the VIP's of Salvatore Ferragamo.

From My Camera

From My Camera

I felt a bit sad for not seeing her up close. If only I stay at the second level I should have seen her. But then I cheered up myself (being alone no one will do that for me) I still have my chance and this time I'll make sure that I'll just stay there. Fans and some people who are curious why there's such a commotion a while ago all waited along the red carpet area. All waiting for one person and that is PARK SHIN HYE. She was still inside the shop. We are not sure what she is doing there but later on we found out that she had an interview with Razor TV, a brief tour of the shop and some guests even took a photo with her. One of them is Max Loong one of the stars of Singapore's latest show Perfect Deception

Credit to PSHIFC
While Shin Hye was still inside the shop, one by one all the guests are heading now to the fashion show area. You can see from the faces of some of the guests wondering why there are a lot of people waiting at the red carpet area. Then there's one lady who asks (the other girls who are waiting) if they are waiting for Park Shin Hye. The girls were so happy to say "yes" and the lady smiles at them. When they passed by where I was standing I heard the lady telling to her friend... "She must be really that popular".

Most of the guests were already inside the fashion show area but Shin Hye was still inside the shop. Then after a few more minutes I noticed that people are all going near the red carpet area with their cameras and hand phones all ready. When I saw Shin Hye's manager (good thing I follow him on twitter so I know how he look) I ready my camera and was able to take a short video of Shin Hye while walking at the red carpet.

At that moment I was star struck. She was so beautiful and her voice... she was so cute when she said to the CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo that it was her first time in Singapore. It was the first time for me to hear her speak in English. I stayed there for a few more minutes when suddenly I realized that I still have to go to the third level to watch the event.

There were already a lot of people there. I look for a good place to watch and luckily (it was really my day) I had a good view of Shin Hye. I took two videos and after that just focus on looking at Shin Hye (using my camera and zoom it to see her clearly).

Before the event starts, Shin Hye chat with the CEO's of Salvatore Ferragamo. They are talking in English and this only proves that Shin Hye can speak and understands English. She doesn't have any translator with her. All through out the event Shin Hye was very attentive in watching the models. A dress that one of the models wore during that event was the same dress that Shin Hye wears during the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards.

Credit to Uploader
After the show, Shin Hye together with the VIPs and other guests all went back to the shop. That means we (me and the other Shin Hye fans) also need to go back there to see Shin Hye again. When I reached there, I heard that she's still inside but not really sure. I was thinking if I'll still stay or just leave already. Well I opted with the first one because I saw Shin Hye's manager. After that Shin Hye went out of the shop again. I didn't take any photo anymore. I just focus on looking at her and imprint on my mind how beautiful she is. 

Fans (including me) continue to follow her until she reached the other exit of the venue where the cars (if I'm not mistaken there are two cars) that will bring her back to the hotel where they are staying. She wave and said "thank you" before going inside the car. 

After Meeting Shin Hye 

When Shin Hye left, I walk my way to the main entrance to leave the place. I walk with a smile on my face. I was so happy. When I reached home my housemate noticed that I look so happy. They thought I had a date (well I did, to meet a beautiful and nice woman). I had a quick shower and then I started to transfer all the photos and videos that I captured in my laptop. I still have work the following day but instead of sleeping I downloaded all the videos on my youtube account and collate the photos that I will send to PSHIFC and PSH_Philippines. While doing this, I saw one of the photos captured from the video when Shin Hye was walking at the red carpet. This photo really makes me happy.

Shin Hye looking at me :)
Shin Hye standout during the event. It’s not because she is a celebrity but it was her beauty. No need for sexy/revealing clothes or heavy make up. Her simplicity defines her real beauty. After seeing her in person, I finally realized why mothers of male Korean actors and idols want Shin Hye to be their daughter-in-law. Not only she’s beautiful, she’s also a very nice woman. The way she treats her fans was so genuine. You won’t regret supporting her. And through her I met a lot of beautiful and wonderful people called "Star Angels". Because for our STAR, we are her ANGELS that will continue to support and love her no matter what... and I'm proud to say that I am one of them.

I will never forget this day (10 March 2011)… The day I met a star named “Park Shin Hye”.