Friday, 4 September 2015

Three Meals A Day Season 02 - Episode 17 (04Sep15)

Park Shin Hye and 2PM's Taecyeon (Ok Taecyeon) shared more sweet moments during episode 17 of "Three Meals A Day." While there was less of a scripted love line between the two Hallyu stars, they continued to demonstrate their genuine affection for one another.

Park adorably sang while searching for a recipe to try out on the guys. This segued to a cooking segment, the "Pinocchio" star created a unique salad that contained tomatoes, daikon radish, gochujang (a Korean condiment), green onions and garlic. The three men on the show were initially surprised by her idea for the side dish but willingly helped her to prepare the vegetables.
Taecyeon was the first cast member to try out her creation. The actress fed him a medium sized portion while he jokingly swallowed while attempting to hide his embarrassment.

The on-screen chemistry between the actress and the 2PM star continued when they returned to the corn field. They demonstrated strong comradery throughout the segment, quickly picking the corn from the stalks. During the commentary portion, she weighed in on their ability to work together. "No matter what we do together, we click really well," said Park. 

Taecyeon strongly reacted to the departure of Park Shin Hye. He led the group in taking a photo with the actress. Comedian Kim Kwang Gyu continued to provoke the young stars when he questioned if they had exchanged numbers. 

It may be the end of their love line on "Three Meals a Day," but their ability to act with one another continues to generate buzz.

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