Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dream of Angel - Chengdu (12Sep15)

Actress Park Shin Hye successfully concluded her ’2015 Dream of Angel’ Asia fan meeting tour in Chengdu, China last Saturday.

This year marked the third straight year that Park Shin Hye was holding an Asian fan meeting tour, but it was her first time holding it in Chengdu. Park Shin Hye arrived in Chengdu airport just past midnight, but she was followed by fans throughout her stay who cheered her every move.

The fan meeting was held on September 12th at Chengdu Contemporary Art Centre. Park Shin Hye appeared in a radiant red evening dress, where she sang a total of 6 songs, and showed her singer image. Fans also sang along in Korean, and showed their passionate support.

In the talk corner, Park Shin Hye danced lightly to AOA’s songs. She also hugged, shook hands, and looked at each fan eye-to-eye, during the two hours long fan meeting. As the fan meeting neared its end, some could be seen shedding tears of sadness. Upon seeing this, Park Shin Hye said, “I will prepare even more interesting events for next year, and create even more beautiful memories with everyone. Don’t think that this is the end. I hope that everyone will wait for me. I will think of everyone, and work even harder.”

The actress said in her Weibo post on the same day in the aftermath of her Chengdu fan meeting, “The final fan meeting stop for ’2015 Dream of Angel’ has ended. Many thanks to everyone for being here with me today. Don’t cry, be safe while on your way home, and have a good dream.”

Park Shin Hye’s is Korea’s first actress to hold a Asia fan meeting tour, and has been going at it for 3 straight years since 2012. This year’s fan meeting tour begun in Japan, before heading to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, and ending in Chengdu on September 12th.


150911 @ssinz Weibo: Time passes so quickly. C u at 2015 Dream of Angel's end stop Chengdu~Hope it will be a time w/o regret

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150912 @ssinz IG trans: We We who punish Baikinman #anpanmanlyricsright? ;; But I am anpanman's friend #anpanman

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2015Dream Of Angel last FM ended. thank you to fans who were w/me today. Don't cry go home safe. Have a gd dream^-^//

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150914 @ssinz IG trans: @2013_SALT #Dream_of_Angel #lookingfwdtonextyear Thank you to staff for ur hard work And thank you to all fans.^^ I"ll see you in projects from now on. Goodnight.

Translation : PSH_IFC

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