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Three Meals A Day Season 02 - Episode 02 (22May15)

Park Shin Hye appeared as a guest on the May 22 broadcast of “Three Meals a Day.” Considerately, she prepared food to feed the cast and staff and brought useful cooking ingredients. She even helped out with the dishwashing, plastering, and cooking all the while making Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon smile.

The cast members urge her to stay on the show as a fixed member and even say, “Become a fixed cast member along with Choi Ji Woo.”

Many viewers were also impressed with her flawless bare face. She didn’t appear overly concerned with her looks and showed a natural side of herself.

Interestingly, Taecyeon was super cheerful as soon as the actress arrived. He even danced and showed off his strength.

Her appearance also contributed to the show receiving high ratings of 11.3 percent.


Actress Park Shin Hye made a surprise appearance on the May 22 episode of “Three Meals a Day,” where she impressed everyone with her cooking skills.

Making a guest appearance on the latest episode of the tvN variety show, Park Shin Hye made everyone a simple fried rice dish. After just one bite, Lee Seo Jincouldn’t hold back the compliments, first joking, “Wow, you cook so well, auntie.” He then continued to compliment her cooking, saying, “This kind of taste is something that I should pay for. It’s really delicious. Somebody make her a full-time cast member.”

Taecyeon also had some kind words for the chef, saying, “I just keep eating.” His complete infatuation with the dish triggered laughter from everyone.


Park Shin Hye appeared as the first guest in the second episode of tvN's 'Three Meals a Day' this season on May 22.  Upon her arrival, there appeared to be the creation of a love line between her and regular member, 2PM's Taecyeon!  To ship or not to ship...

He was the happiest at her appearance and put himself to work trying to impress the fair maiden by dancing constantly, walking into cold water barefoot, carrying her luggage, and more.  The result was laughter from the production crew.  Lee Seo Jin even said, "You seem like a crazy man . . . You look like you're in a better mood than normal."

In an interview with the production crew, Taecyeon spared no compliments for the actress, saying, "I like her.  I feel like she's very good.  She cooks well.  Her personality seems very good and she's amiable."

The production crew noted, "It seems like you're talking about an ideal type," which he acknowledged with, "It could seem like that.  I like that," and smiled his signature goofy grin.

Taecyeon also said talked to her mother on the phone, "I'm Taecyeon, who in some way got to do a love line. Once soon..ah, not that, Park Shin Hye did so well.  That's why we honestly want Park Shin Hye to be a regular.  Next time, I'll find you and tell you I want her to be a regular.  Soon, I will go there [the mother's restaurant] to eat a meal."


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