Friday, 15 May 2015

Three Meals A Day Season 02 - Episode 02 Preview (15May15)

The first episode of tvN's Season 2, 'Three Meals A Day – Jeongseon' revealed its first guest, who will appear in the following episode. The guest is no one else but Park Shin Hye.

It was prearranged that Taecyeon would walk into the heart field if he'd like their guest. Taecyeon walked into the heart field along with Park Shin Hye and even presented her flowers. Lee Seo Jin teased him, "You try too hard whenever he have a female guest".

He even took off clothes to show off his manly side. He finally ended up expressing his hope Park Shin Hye would become a fixed member of the show. Taecyeon said, "She's good at cooking. Her personality is great. She's younger than I AM."

The first surprise guest to appear on tvN’s weekly Friday show “Three Meals” was none other than actress Park Shin Hye, who had contributed to the show’s highest rating of 8.2% thus far.

On the episode that aired back on May 15th, Park Shin Hye was the first to make a surprise appearance on the show, shocking original cast members – actor Lee Seojinand 2PM’s Taecyeon, with their original first guest comedian Kim Kwang Kyu as well.

Though the first part of the episode ended with just her arrival, the second part – which will air on Friday May 22nd – will showcase Taecyeon falling for the actress, as well as spending lots of individual time with her. Scenes of Taecyeon bringing Park Shin Hye to a heart-shaped field further elicited bursts of laughter from the other cast members.

Nonetheless, Lee Seojin, known to have a fussy and difficult personality, was also noted to be pleased that Park Shin Hye had helped with the cooking and dishwashing throughout the second night.

All of this culminated to a rating of 8.2%, the show’s current best.

Make sure to tune into the upcoming episode of “Three Meals” on May 22nd to catch Park Shin Hye!


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