Monday, 27 July 2015

Lotte Duty Free "The Beginning of a Lyrical Journey in Jeju"

The country’s biggest duty-free shop operator Lotte Duty Free is making a short film, starring hit actress Park Shin Hye and members of K-pop boy group Super Junior -- Donghae, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk.

Lotte said on Thursday it is producing a film set in Jejudo Island in a bid to share the beauty of the island with global viewers.

Under the title of “Start Traveling,” the movie will be set in Jejudo’s famous tourist destinations including its coast road and Baozen Street. It is scheduled to be released late this month in Jejudo Island, marking the opening of its new store there.

The film will be available on diverse online platforms including YouTube, Facebook and China’s video sharing site Youku, the company said.


Lotte Duty Free unveiled behind-the-scenes photos of its model Park Shin Hye from the latest video titled “The beginning of a lyrical journey in Jeju.” The film captures the essence of the beauty of the island, capturing the green pastureland paired with beautiful sandy beaches.

With a picturesque background, the 25-year-old actress exudes warmth with her bright smile, also creating a welcoming ambiance as she walks on the beach.

She kept her outfits simple and neat to compliment the sceneries -- sporting a silky white blouse and pale pink dress which highlighted her charms.

The actress welcomes hallyu fans to Jejudo Island where they can appreciate the work of art created by nature. The series of these short films, which also feature members of Super Junior -- Donghae, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk -- are available at Lotte Duty Free’s official website.


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