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Some Guys Some Girls (02Jun15)

Actress Park Shin Hye recently made a surprise appearance at the recording of SBS TV variety program ‘Some Guys Some Girls,’ and enjoyed a family gathering with Chae Jung Ahn, Chae Yeon, Yoon So Yi, and others.

On the day of recording, Chae Jung Ahn heard that a celebrity would be arriving later, and started to prepare a feast. Jang Hee Jin then came along, and everyone started conversing about relationships, marriage, and other women topics. Friends also sent their blessings, that the fixed cast members will be able to find their true love through the program.

As everyone started eating, Park Shin Hye who is known to be a much adored hoobae of Chae Jung Ahn suddenly appeared. Park Shin Hye said, “I learnt a lot from unni, like on how to treat a man.” Chae Jung Ahn explained, “I knew her when she was 21. I was worried then on when she would become a real woman. But judging from now, I was worried for nothing.”

Chae Jung Ahn also divulged a story between Park Shin Hye and her idol Gong Yoo, “Park Shin Hye is a fan of Gong Yoo. There was once when I had a meeting with Gong Yoo, and I called Shin Hye along. Her voice and expressions were totally different, and were really sexy. It shocked me.”

Park Shin Hye immediately clarified by saying that she had just gotten out of the bath, and was getting ready for bed. She then got a call from Chae Jung Ahn, and had headed along to the meeting with a bare face and messy hair.

From: kpopfighting.com

Actress Park Shin Hye said she "learned how to deal with men" through her friendship with older actress Chae Jung-an on an entertainment program that will be broadcast Tuesday.

"I learned a lot through my unni (an older sister figure). I learned how to deal with men," said Park about Chae.

Chae, 37, is perhaps best-known for starring in the 2007 hit TV drama "Coffee Prince."

Park, 25, made the remarks during filming for a Korean TV variety show, "Some Guys, Some Girls." Broadcaster SBS released the information Monday, a day before the broadcast date.

Chae said she first met Park when the younger actress was about 20.

"Since she was so young at the time, I worried when she would become a woman," said Chae during the discussion about love, dating and marriage.

"I think I worried unnecessarily. She already knows how to meet (guys)," said Chae, to which Park showed surprise and reacted defensively.

Park made her acting debut at age 13 as a child actress in the 2003 romantic TV drama "Stairway to Heaven."

Park shared a group photo from the set, including Chae, on Instagram, Sunday.

"You're the best, Chae Jung-an," said Park on Instagram.

Other women in the discussion include actress Jang Hee-jin, model Goo Jae-yee, shoe designer Lee Bonnie, and florist Hwang Bo-hyeon.

The episode of "Some Guys, Some Girls," will air on SBS on Tuesday at 11:15 p.m.

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