Monday, 10 November 2014

Visa (2014)

Park Shin Hye has been chosen as the new face of the global electronic payment network, Visa.

S.A.L.T Entertainment, Park Shin Hye’s agency, announced on November 10 that Park Shin Hye has become the new face of Visa, following Zinedine Zidane and Paolo Rossi last year.

This is the first time that a Korean star has been chosen as the model of Visa, which has previously chosen Hollywood stars, such as Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Asia stars, such as Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi, or sports stars, such as Zidane and Rossi, as its TV commercial models. Visa will be airing the commercials featuring Park Shin Hye not only in Korea but throughout Asia, where hallyu has been gaining popularity.

The new TV commercial will be emphasizing Visa’s global payment networks based on Shin Hye’s red carpet.

Iain Jamieson, the country manager of Visa Korea, stated, “I’m happy that Visa will be starting a new commercial campaign on online shopping with Park Shin Hye. The fact that the commercial will be aired not only in Korea but around Asia, reflects hallyu’s influence and as the commercial that utilizes first hallyu star in Asia market, it will be affectively contribute to promoting Korea.”

Starting with the debut project Stairway to Heaven, Park Shin Hye made hits with the dramas, such as You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings and The Heirs, becoming the first Korean actress to hold an Asia tour last and this year. As the first Korean star to model for Visa, Park Shin has proven her reputation as a global hallyu star. Visa’s new commercial featuring Park Shin Hye will begin airing on TV and online starting on November 12.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye will be meeting with the viewers through SBS’ upcoming drama Pinocchio starting November 12. Depicting the story of a man who lives with a fake name and a woman who cannot tell a lie, Park Shin Hye will be acting as the lead actress ‘Choi In Ha’ who suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome.

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