Wednesday, 26 February 2014

You're Beautiful BTS

Go Minam & Hwang Tae Kyung Hearth Pounding Kiss BTS (English Sub)

Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam Kiss BTS (English Sub)

HTK & GMN talks about Sea Eel & Dwaeji Tokki BTS (English Sub)

No Cut Interview of Minam & Shin Woo BTS (English Sub) 

Minam & Shin Woo Imaginary Scene BTS (English Sub) 

Minam & Shin Woo Phone Date BTS (English Sub) 

Last Scene of Minam & Tae Kyung BTS (English Sub)

HTK & GMN Radish Eating BTS (English Sub)

GMN & HTK Roof Top Convo Before the Break up BTS (English Sub) 

Minam & Jeremy Bike & Ice Cream Date BTS (English Sub)

Minam & Tae Kyung Dead Leaves MV BTS (English Sub) 

Minam Interview Shin Woo BTS (English Sub) 

Shin Hye & Hong Ki: YB BTS 

Shin Hye & Yong Hwa: YB BTS 

Shin Hye & Geun Suk: YB BTS 

ANJell Generation Parody of Genie BTS (English Sub) 

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